Southridge Capital Is Leading The Financial Solutions Industry In The United States

Located in Connecticut, Southridge Capital has been helping clients throughout the entire New England area with their financial problems and has become one of the leading financial solutions companies in the entire country. The company first started for business back in 1996 and quickly built a reputation for being trustworthy and experienced in their solutions. This is no small matter when it comes to a company that handles such sensitive and often times valuable information. Southridge doesn’t just help the individual struggling with debt, but many business teams and corporations that need to increase their annual revenues or reverse financial losses.


At Southridge Capital, management is built from five different professionals, including the CEO and founder of the company, Stephen Hicks. He is personally responsible for the companies strategies and long-term growth patterns, which is he aided tremendously since the company first opened more than 20 years ago. Narine Persaud is the CFO and the primary controller for the company, with daily financial management tasks and accounting of funds. Henry Sargent determines the selection of investments and the structure the company makes for their deals. Overall, the company has many professionals that aid in the company’s success, especially Linda Carlsen, who manages the companies portfolios and directs the marketing campaigns for the firm. To see more you can visit their website



Southridge Capital has a number of different services for their clients to make use of that can be beneficial to their financial futures. This includes credit enhancement and management services. Mergers and acquisitions, financial analysis, sheet balancing, financial restructuring, and budgeting are some of the services Southridge has provided their clients over the years. Financial instability can be highly stressful and cause many problems as most people are well aware. Instead of letting this happen, contact a trustworthy financial solutions agency like Southridge or reach out to them at their personal website. Check out




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Trabuco: Stones Of Fury

The Trabuco is a powerful siege weapon that was mainly used during the middle ages. It served a similar purpose as the catapult but could fling stones farther and therefore cause more damage to infrastructure on impact. It is designed with a counterbalance that, when released, drops and launches the loaded projectile towards its target. This means that the heavier the counterbalance, the farther the projectile will go.

Much of what made the Trabuco popular was that it was easily manufactured, without any complicated rigging and that it would launch its projectiles farther than other siege weapons at the time.


Several variations have existed of the Trabuco, the tensile, the hybrid, and eventually the blunderbuss. The tensile Trabuco was completely man-powered and owed its creation to the Chinese according to Humans acted as the counterweight by pulling on ropes to launch the projectile. This, though capable of endless possibilities, was flawed due to human inconsistency and being able to manage large groups as they pulled the ropes. This lead to the Arabs improving on the design and making a counterweight on the short arm of the Trabuco. This enhancement allowed the Trabuco to launch stones of 400 pounds. It was this Trabuco that Europeans encountered during the crusades and that they adopted and modified according to By adding human strength and a constant weight, they were able to create the blunderbuss, capable of launching stones a ton in weight. These modifications made the Trabuco a weapon to be feared.

Though the Trabuco is advanced, even by modern standards, it eventually fell out of use as gunpowder became the norm. But the Trabuco can still be seen today, as many fans of the Middle Ages make their own and put on displays. As long as this continues, the Trabuco will live on.

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Diplomat-Daniel Taub

Daniel Taub is an international attorney and a diplomat from Israel. Mr. Taub is also an author who has written on the Middle East and Israel. Daniel’s articles have been featured on platforms which include the Guardian, the Times, Daily Telegraph, as well as Huffington. Some of the journals he has written include the Parasha Diplomatic.

In the book, Daniel talks about the weekly biblical sections, and he gives a perception of each section with humor, governmental and many others. Daniel has also served as a script-writer in his home country Israel. Learn more about Daniel Taub: and

He wrote one of the popular series drama known as HeChatzer. The drama talks about the religion in Israel.

The attorney has also written on negotiation theory as well as written on international law, and written speeches for the President of Israel; Chaim Herzog. In an interview which was conducted recently, Daniel Taub was answering some question he was asked about his life.

Daniel told the interviewer that when he moved back to Israel he decided to become an intellectual property lawyer. During that time the start up industry in Israel was still growing and it was also very interesting.

After a short period, the Madrid Peace Conference approached him to take part in the negotiations between Israel and her neighbors. With his skills in international law and negotiation theory, he took advantage of the situation and joined the Israel foreign ministry serving in the ministry for 20 years.

Mr. Daniel said that all his days are different and he deals with different issues every day from politics to matters of education, business, technology, media, as well as security among others.

Daniel Taub was born and raised in the United Kingdom and he is currently the Israel Ambassador to the United Kingdom. He attended school in the United Kingdom, and after his high school graduation, he went to further his education at Oxford, as well as the Harvard University.

In 1989 he moved back to his home country and he even served in the Israel Defense Force. Daniel says it is important to invest in team work for best management results. He further said that the only advice he can give to the young women and men is to avoid worry and let life be.

To readers, he says that they should learn how to work in the sphere of possibilities. He has been working with the saying “you can change my opinion but you cannot change my instructions” a saying which is famous among diplomats.

Doe Deere & The Future of Lime Crime Cosmetics

Lime Crime cosmetics is back in the news again, but for good reasons. This eclectic cosmetics company has come a long way since its birth in 2008. The company is still introducing new products that are completely different from the rest of the industry. Having a unique sense of style has always been Lime Crime’s best attribute. Yes, the company is still 100 percent vegan, and it never tests its products on animals, but its uniqueness is what truly sets it apart from its competitors. In April 2018, Lime Crime launched its new venture in London. In actuality, this is another shop that is looking to introduce the products to a new market.


“The market has changed dramatically and it’s important to standout,” said Doe Deere, founder of Lime Crime. That notion has always been the company’s true aim, and it has certainly lived-up to those standards. Lime Crime has introduced some of the boldest and brightest of colors of all time. Many of these colors are also unique in a sense. Deere, and her development team does a lot of brainstorming to come-up with these dynamic new colors and so far it has paid-off. Lime Crime has become a cult-favorite thanks to his myriad of fans. “To me, cult means being unique,” said Deere. She has found a niche that was once deserted, and she has exploited it to the fullest.


Doe Deere has always been an entrepreneur deep down. At the age of 13, she would sell novelty products to her childhood friends. In more ways than one, Deere has always been some kind of trendsetter and being a trendsetter is certainly paying the bills now days. The animal cruelty-free products perfectly matches her behavior toward animals. She’s an animal lover to the highest degree. Lime Crime has had its fair share of ups and downs throughout the years, but every company has gone through this process. Having the ability to correct the mistakes is what keeps you in business. In other words, mistakes are all part of the entrepreneurial process.


With the recent release of the Venus 3 eyeshadow palette, Lime Crime is back in the news. It seems like there is nothing that can slow this company down and with Doe Deere in the driver’s seat, Lime Crime will surely be releasing many more hot products in the future. Learn more: