Sightsavers Involved In Participatory Action Research To Fight Disease In Africa

Sightsavers is involved in participatory research to help deal with neglected tropical diseases. The research project called COUNTDOWN was conducted in four African countries: Cameroon, Ghana, Liberia and Nigeria. On the Nigerian program, Sightsavers is collaborating the Federal Ministry of Health and the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine. The goal is to find cost-effective ways to scale up the most sustainable solutions for controlling and eliminating by 2020 the 7 most neglected yet common tropical diseases.


A situation analysis recently conducted in Nigeria revealed the need to better engage with communities where making and sustaining gains in controlling neglected tropical diseases through mass administration of medicines is the goal. Sightsavers helped by gathering practical knowledge and experiences from program managers, communities and implementers to be used to find solutions, implement recommended changes and evaluate the outcomes. For a year, research teams mapped important community landmarks. They also gathered information from the point of view of men, women and community leaders of all ages.


Research teams did trials using posters, handouts, flipcharts and other materials to make community members aware of the NTD programs. Sightsavers ran feedback sessions assessing the effectiveness of those materials as well as mock training cascades on mass medicine administration. Working with program implementers, Sightsavers used the findings to design and implement solutions for use in the NTD programs in Nigeria. The defining principle of this research cycle is participation. Sightsavers ensured researchers from several disciplines, stakeholders, women, children, community-directed distributors and other marginalized groups were included.


Using participatory research methods where the people affected got input on decisions impacting them helps identify and eliminate program bottlenecks. This leads to people taking greater ownership of the decisions throughout the entire program. Involving local people in gathering and analyzing the information and making changes based on experience and practical knowledge is called a participatory action research cycle. Using this approach in Nigeria contributed to conceptualising and developing clear community engagement plans designed to advance the planning of NTD programs. It will also help strengthen the processes and skills planners and implementers use.


Participatory action research helps address the power imbalances in the planning process between implementers and donors. The tacit knowledge and understanding implementers gain through PAR also allows for modifications to program delivery to embed sustainable change. This leads to advanced collaboration and partnerships among different sectors, eliminates obstacles and makes reaching global Sustainable Development Goals easier.

The Chainsmokers Attain an International Record Deal

The duo group famously known as The Chainsmokers comprises of two successful individuals known as Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart. The duo started their musical journey when they were in college. Andrew initially started as a DJ while Pall studied music and arts in the university. Both of them were passionate about music. They have an impeccable management team that has been behind their good performance since the duet group began. The group officially started their music in 2012 where they had several songs on their names which topped the charts over the years. Their music has spread all over the world and has been played in many nations such as Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, and Africa as a continent and many others. Chainsmokers have also released a series of songs like the closer, let me down, selfie, single and many more. Their music has enabled them to be accepted and recognized in not only their own country but also worldwide.

Following the hard work and determination That Chainsmokers have put in their career, the duo group has been able to bug an international record deal with the Sony music. They help the chain-smoker fans to be able to download their songs and also watch them freely on YouTube. The success of chain-smokers is attributed to the fact that they have managed to attract large audience across the world. Their sold out concerts and million views on YouTube mark a sign of success for the group. Another reason for their music to sell out is because of the features they have on their songs. For instance, they have featured Kanye West, Halsey, and other top artists in the music industry. Chainsmokers have also sold thousands of copies and their music streamed over a million times.

Their success is not only depicted from the million views on Youtube and the numerous listeners across the world but also through the international awards and nominations that they have received. They have received Grammy awards nominations, billboard awards, iHeartRadio awards and American music awards. Besides the much success that follows the great name of chain smokers, they are also named as humanitarians because they support a charity organization that helps the needy to live happy and a comfortable life.

Dr. Saad Saad’s Patents Seek To Improve Medical Procedure

Dr. Saad Saad is an accomplished pediatric surgeon who has led a noted career. A graduate of the University of Cairo, the Palestinian native has created revolutionary procedures that redefine certain operations. Dr. Saad is also a patent holder for two inventions, Patent Number 5,727, 553 and Patent Number 5,725,478. His first patent is an integral electromagnetic location identification device, and despite being a mouthful it is a pretty useful invention.

Most practicing Physicians look to re-invent the wheel every day. Optimize performance and quality for every operation they perform. They want their operations to be less risky, more successful, with lessened pain, and better results. Dr. Saad wanted to simply be able to find catheters faster.

Catheters are intravenous tubes placed within the body to serve a variety of purposes. Problems arise though when surgeons have to operate around the catheters. As catheters are place within the body first, if they are not put in a trackable location, surgeons have to try to find them before operating. Presently the go to is either an X-ray, or an MRI. Both are capable of scanning the body and locating a catheter. Unfortunately, X-rays bear risk of radiation, and MRI machines are huge bulky affairs. So Dr. Saad developed a catheter strapped with a location device. The location device uses electromagnetic energy to ping its location, which can be picked up by an exterior device the surgeon scans the body with. No muss, no fuss, no radiation. Although still in the development stage, the invention is primed for mainstream use very soon. Learn more:

Dr. Saad’s other patent is an improvement on the Endoscope. Endoscopes are intravenous optical devices that allow doctors to look within the body. Very useful but not without its headaches. Although there are many different types of endoscopes, all of which exam a different part of the body, they can all run into the same problem. The view from the scope can be obstructed duo to fluids and gases within the body. Much like his first invention, Dr. Saad’s optimization of the endoscope circulates around strapping a devices to the tip. In this case a device that provides suction. By using suction the obstructing fluids or gases are drained out, allowing the endoscope to see. They have already been fitted with anti-foggers, so this will be one more step in complete optimization.

Dr. Saad has credited both of his creation to necessity. A hole he observed in an operation that needed to be filled. Dr. Saad’s inventions move to better medical practice and supply a better quality to patient operations. As technology in the medical field constantly change, innovations like this will carry the industry into the future.

Jose Auriemo Neto- Head Officer for JHSF

Jose Auriemo Neto Is a chief executive officer For luxury real estate and development company, JFHS. Jose Auriemo Neto is son of one of the JFSH founders, Fabio. Jose Auriemo started out in the company in 1993 as an Executive Officer, but the early 2000’s brought the company to embrace change and modernization. With such change came the need for a change in leadership; at the young age of 27 Jose Auriemo Neto had become the head of the company as Chief Executive Officer in 2003, following closely in his father’s footsteps. The decision to make Jose Neto the head of the luxury real estate company paid off greatly as he came with new ideas and fresh projects.

Under his leadership, the luxury real estate company launched an ultra high-end luxury shopping complex: it was the first of its kind in Brazil and never before seen before it’s launch in 2006. This complex, the Cidade Jardim Complex, is now one of the premiere shopping complexes in Brazil, as it is one of the locations where every big international luxury bran can be found. To know more about him click here.

By 2007 Neto had made the company public, which allowed it to diversify it’s investments around Brazil by investing in new developments such as high end hotels and fashion outlets. JHSF didn’t stop there; it was now such a large company in Brazil that they began spread internationally. One of their biggest international acheivements was obtaining contracts and beginning 815 Developments in New York city in the United States. Under the leadership of Jose Auriemo Neto, the real estate and development company went from being high-end to being an Ultra multi faceted Luxury company.

Joe Arpaio’s Great Rivals Arrested – Michael Lacey and Jim Larked Taken Down for a Website They are No Longer Affiliated With

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin have been targeted once again by law enforcement. After a 2007 altercation with Joe Arpaio, now, the FBI is invading the lives of the two journalists.

Michael Lacey was planning his marriage celebrations at the time of the arrest. Instead of spending the weekend with his new bride, Michael Lacey spent his time in federal detention. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

Jim Larkin was also arrested at the same time, mirroring their arrest by Joe Arpaio back in 2007. Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey have been business partners since the 1970s when they started the Phoenix New Times and grew their company to house nearly 20 publications.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin had one of their domains seized., which was previously a personal adds site like Craigslist. Now, instead of offering a place for for people to sell items and provide services, the front page of has five government agency logos.

Since the arrest, Jim Larkin has had his pre-trial hearings. Larkin and two others were charged with money laundering. Larkin was also charged with conspiracy and facilitating prostitution.

While Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin face a trial in the next few months, the creators of similar websites, like Craigslist, remain free.

More About Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey

Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey are no longer with the Phoenix New Times, where their struggles with Joe Arpaio are well documented.

They do have a couple new ventures to occupy their time. Front Page Confidential and The Frontera Fund are where Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin focus their attention now. Front Page Confidential is a liberal leaning alternative newspaper, and The Frontera Fund is a charitable organization.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin are continuing the fight against Joe Arpaio, who used to be the Sheriff of Maricopa County.

When Joe Arpaio was convicted of criminal contempt of court, everyone believed his days of terror were over. Donald Trump pardoned him though, opening up a path for Arpaio to seek a more important position of power – congressman.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin attribute the pardoning to politics. It is not secret that Donald Trump and Joe Arpaio get along, but they also share a very similar belief system when it comes to immigration. Donald Trump knows that Joe Arpaio would be friend on Capital Hill.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin successfully educated citizens of Arizona about Joe Arpaio. Now, with Front Page Confidential, they have spread their efforts to a national audience.