Vinod Gupta Serial Entrepreneur

The current Managing General Partner for Everest Group, Vinod Gupta is a self-made millionaire and serial entrepreneur. Everest Group is a venture capital consulting firm, the specializes in companies that struggling and whose business operations center around database technology.


The philanthropist and successful businessman have donated over $1 million to help stimulate the development of Ram Rati Gupta Polytechnic for Women. Women who attend Ram Rati can earn a graduate degree in only 24 months. Vinod Gupta philanthropic efforts and Advocacy to Women’s Education, have also been focused not just on women but also on providing educational opportunities to all to under-severed communities. Gupta finds great pleasure in his ability to help others.


Growing up in circumstances similar to those he currently has the financial means to help Vinod Gupta is from Rampur Maniharan in India. It is here where Gupta’s father instilled the basic values that serve a foundation for him to this day. Gupta attended the Indian Institute of Technology in 1962, where he perused a Bachelor of Technology in Agricultural Engineering. Graduating in 1967, Gupta attended the University of Nebraska in 1968. While at the University of Nebraska, Gupta studied both engineering and business administration and earned his Masters of Science in engineering and his Masters of Business Administration in 1969 and 1971 respectively.


Gupta gained his first professional experience at Commodore Corporation, which at that time was one of the largest builders in the Midwest. Vinod drawing on his background in both business and technology recognized the early on the tremendous value of information and database management solutions. Gupta would eventually found and grow his own business InfoGroup into a multi-million dollar company worth over $600 million. See This Page for more information.



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Robert Deignan and the Use of Remote Technologies

There is one trend that Robert Deignan is excited about. This trend is something that brings convenience. More people are using remote technologies to help with fixing their computers. One of the reasons that this is so helpful is that it is convenient. Users do not have to waste a lot of time looking for a repair service for their computers. They can instead find some good services online and use them to fix what is wrong with their computer so that it can function better. There are so many advantages to using remote technologies for fixing their computer.


One of the advantages that come with this type of approach is that the remote technician can access the computer of the user from far away as opposed to having to take a trip to where the person lives. This means that there is no need to set an appointment with the user. Also, the user does not have to wait a day or two to finally get the service he needs. Another advantage that Robert Deignan points out is that one is not going to have to invite a stranger into his home to fix the computer. This is very encouraging for people who are very uncomfortable with the idea of someone they don’t know coming into their home.


Robert Deignan also points out the control the user has over the session. He can terminate the session for any reason. For instance, if he is short on time, then he can postpone the session and come back another day. Another reason that he can terminate the session is if he is feeling some kind of discomfort with the session. These are just a few of the many conveniences that come with using remote technologies. Robert Deignan recommends this kind of service for users who are having issues with their computers.

Herbalife Nutrition Offers Sponsorship To Jonathan dos Santos

Just as their vision is; to have a healthier and happier society, Herbalife Nutrition has put an everlasting smile on the face of LA Galaxy Midfielder Jonathan dos Santos. The Mexican National Team player has been offered sponsorship by this company where he can access their line of sports products which are certified by NSF.

According to Rich Goudis, CEO of Herbalife Nutrition, they are glad to be the partner of Jonathan. They are responsible for his nutrition and consequently his sports performance. Being well conversant with the importance of taking a well-balanced nutrition, Jonathan dos Santos is very excited for the step that has been taken by Herbalife Nutrition to see him achieve his goals and improve his performance in the field.

Jonathan came across Herbalife Nutrition products when he was at the player’s lounge at LA Galaxy. Since then he has been using Herbalife24 Rebuild Strength to kick-start his daily activities and to cap them up after the workouts.

Of late, he worked closely with Herbalife Nutrition to come up with a video where he shows people how he prepares his favorite shake recipe; Banana Sunrise. The sponsorship of Herbalife Nutrition is inclusive of supporting various community initiatives, sports, education, nutrition, and marketing initiatives of the company.

Jonathan dos Santos joined Barcelona FC academy at a very tender age and practiced hard with Giovani, his brother, to come into their first team in Barcelona. From his native city, Mexico, he joined Villarreal in the Spanish League in 2014 where he was one the best and reliable midfielder. Later in 2017, he rejoined his brother at LA Galaxy as a designated player.

The main goal of Herbalife Nutrition is slowly being actualized with this decision to sponsor this player. Currently, the company gives aid to over 190 sporting teams, players like Cristiano Ronaldo, events and even athletes around the globe. The company has been in operation since 1980 with a mission of transforming people’s lives with its outstanding nutrition products and programs. They have been able to offer solutions to people with nutrition problems like the obese, catapulting the affordability of healthcare and given rise to entrepreneurs who are its distributors.

The products offered by Herbalife Nutrition are scientifically proven, certified and scientifically backed. In addition, its distributors give coaching and support initiatives to the community so that they embrace this healthy and happier lifestyle. They have been able to reach over 90 countries globally through their various independent distributors. The company also supports Herbalife Family Foundation and Casa Herbalife Programs which cares basically for children. It has more than 8000 employees globally.