Quentin Flannery´s Successes

A graduate of the Queensland University of Technology, investor and businessman Quentin Flannery is a man who has accomplished a great deal in his lifetime. He is an entrepreneur who has managed to amass a fortune during his career in the resources sector. Quentin Flannery currently serves as the director for several companies within the industry, where he is responsible for the direction of each company’s investment. Under his leadership, these companies have begun to emphasize resources such as copper. 


Quentin Flannery’s origins in the resources sector began with Yancoal Australia Limited. It was at this company where he managed to rise through the ranks to become the youngest marketing manager in the entire region. Such a prestigious role came with significant responsibility at Yancoal Australia Limited. However, because now Quentin Flannery was responsible for over one billion dollars in revenue. Flannery proved that he was worthy of his new role, by swiftly rising to the challenge and expanding the influence of Yancoal Australia Limited across Asia. 


Under his leadership, the company was able to experience an unprecedented era of growth. This era of prosperity led it to become one of Australia’s largest producers of coal. Not content with just serving as the Director for various Companies, Quentin Flannery also sits on the board for a plethora of start-ups and rapid growth businesses. Flannery has spent his career successfully generating revenue for any company that he becomes a part of. If his history is of any guide, any business he attaches himself to in the future is one worth watching.


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