Lessons from Payam Banazadeh

Payam Banazadeh, is known and appreciated by many people working in technology and aerospace. When everyone looks at the professional and successful life of Payam Banazadeh, they think that he has always planned his life perfectly, and this is why he executes his ideas perfectly. Just like other normal professionals in the world, Payam Banazadeh had his good and low moments before he could become the successful leader he is. The serial entrepreneur and technologist had one of the toughest moments of his life a few years ago. The leader, according to his recent blog, hit his rock bottom in his life. For the first time in his very successful life, the leader began to notice that his mental, physical and emotional being were not in the right state. Payam Banazadeh realized he was in a tight situation, and he never expected himself to reach this point in his life. After sitting down and looking at his life and professional agendas for the future, Payam had to face the reality and bring a good plan out of his life. This tough season in the life of Payam brought many positive lessons. 

Payam Banazadeh discovered that hitting the lowest in life makes someone start to realize their potential. Payam did not suffer through the season for nothing. At the end of it, he managed to realize that he could do more with his life and achieve bigger dreams than he had imagined. The engineer realized that his ego has pushed him to live life while making some serious mistakes. From this point, his life took a different turn, facing the perfect direction

Payam Banazadeh got the best and most genuine compassion, humility and humbleness when he was in his low season. Payam realized that he was a normal person with many weaknesses. For the first time, this leader knew that he was not as perfect as he thought in the past. His life was now clearer, and he realized that he had made mistakes in life without his knowledge.