A Brief Review About Dr. Chris Brummer

Dr. Chris Brummer is an outstanding author, lecturer, professor, and the Washington DC Fintech Week founder. He teaches students at the great Georgetown University Law Center and serves as the School Intentional Economic Law Faculty Director. Dr. Chris has more than a decade of researching expertise that focuses on regulatory policy and financial development. He has positively impacted technology aspects that analyze regulatory and authority supervision oversight. Dr. Chris Brummer has heavily invested in policymakers and nonprofit organizations that guide companies and states on solving their challenges. The move also helps the government to understand the development challenges associated with their financial system deeply.

Apart from operating as the specialist in versatility initiatives and corporations associated with financial measures, Dr. Chris Brummer works at the famous Commodity Futures Trading Commission Subcommittee. That agency has specialized in Virtual Currencies that promote the economic growth of the state. Besides, he works with the tremendous Consultative Working Group, particularly for the European Securities and financial Marketing Authority Innovation Committee.

Dr. Chris Brummer has different degrees, such as the Columbia Law School J.D honors, Ph.D. from the great Chicago University. He has successfully published numerous books such as the Global Financial System and Soft Law, Minilateralism, Monetary and Regulatory Perspectives, and Crypto Assets. Moreover, he has contributed and authored multiple reports, analyses, and financial publications throughout his professional career.

The primary idea of launching Fintech Week came from his thoughtful forum during his announcement on fintech policy in the capital’s heart. That convection collectively brings business guru from a wide range of incredible fields and discusses issues related to business surroundings at large. Moreover, it establishes a strong relationship between business gurus, philanthropists, and nonprofits organizations while maintaining honesty, meaningfulness, and policy-oriented actions. During his normal working days, Dr. Chris Brummer usually responds to emails and queries regarding market sectors and regulators globally.