The Background and Career Accomplishments of Joseph Ashford

Joseph Ashford is a self-made entrepreneur operating in London and beyond. Ashford had an unconventional childhood, and at some point in life, he lost his loved ones. Though the loss hit him hard, it at the same time made him stronger. The experience also taught him the value of life, and he has ever since learned how to appreciate any second spent with loved ones. Minus his career, Joseph Ashford is a dedicated family man who loves his family very much. His kids are his major source of motivation for they encourage him to work hard and give them a better life than his.

Before making a name for himself in the international service industry through K4 Global, located in London, Joseph Ashford worked in various sectors where he held different positions. He started with junior ranks but worked very hard, becoming one of the best employees in these companies. To reward the excellent work Ashford put towards achieving the firms’ goals, management from all organizations promoted him from one rank to the other until he reached the top executive position: Chief Executive Officer. As a rank–file-employee and an executive, he earned unrivaled experience in business development and marketing that he uses to grow his firm and other enterprises across the globe.

As the CEO of K4 that he formed in 2014, Joseph Ashford focuses on offering products and services that meet and exceed clients’ expectations. His integrity in handling his clients aided the expansion of K4’s Clientele that has at least two hundred of Fortune 500 customers. His media-based marketing firm, K4 Global, provides services across all sectors, but media and music spaces are its primary focus. Public relations, strategic marketing, asset management, security, event management, VIP lifestyle management, global connectivity, and crisis management are some of the services offered by K4. In addition to Customer-centric focus, networking, aggressiveness, and effective communication have also helped Ashford grow his business and remain productive.

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