Robert Bull Provides Home Options for Early Retirees

RoyaleLife has been around since 1945, but the current economic climate caused by the pandemic has brought changes for the company. CEO Robert Bull has responded by meeting the housing needs of people forced into early retirement.

In this uncertainty, people are questioning how realistic their dreams of retirement are now. RoyaleLife provides options for UK residents over 45 to be able to retire in their communities with peace of mind.

Robert Bull is unexpectedly grounded for a CEO, which is what guides his understanding of what people are needing in retirement. He keeps a work/life balance that keeps him connected to his family and his community. With this experience, he offers retirees options for selling and purchasing retirement homes that will meet their needs for an active and fulfilling retirement.

Robert Bull offers financially responsible and comfortable retirement options to support people in this life transition. RoyaleLife will purchase a home at market value and will pay in cash the difference between the homeowner’s current residence and the new home, easing the process of downsizing and moving. Once settled into the retirement community, residents have access to gyms, coffee shops, and pools.

These luxurious two-bedroom homes are located all over the UK, including Norfolk, Cornwall, Dorset, and Kent. Retirees don’t have to choose between being close to family and living in an enjoyable retirement community. There is even an opportunity to go on holiday with the sister company, RoyaleResorts. In these uncertain times, CEO Robert Bull offers support for those looking to fulfill their dream of a meaningful retirement. To learn more visit: here.