The Candid Truth About QNET Legitimacy

Founded in 1998, QNET is a global e-commerce business that deals with direct selling. The company serves customers from all over the world with high-quality products and services. It also allows them to start a sales and marketing business by promoting their products.

QNET uses a multi-level marketing strategy where independent representatives can sell their products and move towards financial success. The company has more than 18 years in business, and it is not slowing down any time soon. It began as a small start-up in South East Asia, and today it’s a premium global leader in direct selling. It has been instrumental in empowering entrepreneurs.

Today, the company has legal registration in more than 20 countries globally. It operates as a legal business and has agency representation and offices in 25 countries and more than 1000 employees globally. Over the last two decades, QNET has had more than 5 million customers purchasing products from its portfolio.

QNET has a robust and sustainable compensation plan with competitive commission rates in the industry. Besides ensuring that the customers get high-quality products, the company also allows them to earn by sharing its benefits with family and friends.

To further seal the legitimacy of QNET, they were the official commemorative coin distributor in the Sydney Olympic Games, 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, and the 2004 Athens Olympic Games. The firm always complies with the local legislative rules in all the countries they conduct businesses and have played a hand in various philanthropic activities. Though some individuals in network marketing may be part of unethical and fraudulent practices, QNET employs strict professional codes for their distributors and quickly punishes those who violate their procedures and policies.

QNET is also keen on ensuring their IRs have access to intensive training programs to grow their skills and utilize the opportunities presented to them. The programs also include training on the core values and ethical practices provided by QNET. Refer to this article for additional information.


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