Greg Blatt: An Inspiring Success Story, And How He Became A Successful Professional

Greg Blatt was born in 1968 to a loving family. Following a series of rich job experiences, Blatt turned into a significant entrepreneur in the 1990s. Blatt has shared his journey of discovering and harnessing his potential in order to achieve great heights in a world which is ruled by the relentless pursuit of competitive advantage.

This could mean high tech innovation, extensive networking and business experience, complex negotiations or effective management of processes. Greg Blatt’s success was made possible by his insatiable thirst for knowledge and his competitive nature which enabled him to be at the top without being the best. From chatting up beautiful women at bars and clubs, to getting work done and negotiating the corporate world, Greg Blatt did it all and he did it all with a smile.

Many are familiar with Blatt’s professional success, including, but not limited to, his many TV appearances, mentoring roles with numerous organizations and businesses. Although Greg Blatt’s portfolio of professional and personal achievement is long and varied, he is best known for co-founding and guiding multiple businesses that are widely recognized for their early leadership and viability within their respective industries. The list includes: Threes Company, The Honest Company, College Hunks Hauling Junk, Suits and Sneakers, among others.

His positions as CEO at a slew of businesses have garnered him many accolades over the years. Greg Blatt was one of the “Top 100 Most Influential Jews in America.” However, Blatt’s success story does not just end with money-making ventures.

An accomplished author, Blatt’s resume also includes publishing articles and books, especially regarding self-development. Once he finished his education, Blatt started his career as a corporate lawyer. In 1989, he joined his first CEO role at IAC, where he was the vice president of regulatory affairs for the next ten years. It was during this time that Blatt realized that he wanted to move into an executive role within IAC. See this article for additional information.


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