Diversity and Innovation Success: A Conversation With Richard DeVaul

Richard DeVaul says innovation is a process of trial, error, and learning. Finding new ideas is what makes a person innovative, while not making any ideas too extreme. Richard DeVaul explained that innovation is not always easy. It is also driven by new ideas, and that it requires unique solutions to problems.

According to Richard DeVaul, diversity in its simplest form is the representation of different perspectives. In business, it typically refers to gender and race/ethnicity, but there is much more to diversity than these parameters. Diversity is a diverse mix of different viewpoints, experiences, and perspectives. Diversity creates an open and welcoming culture that values diversity.

Richard defines diversity as, “a combination of elements that produces something new and useful.” The combination of the people you bring in to work with you to solve problems or complete an idea is what creates a competitive advantage.

No matter what industry you are in, having an inclusion policy is a good way to give your employees a voice, make them feel valued and give them a stake in the outcome. Furthermore, it helps with retention because we have a diverse group of people. For companies seeking to increase diversity in their workforce, understanding the impact of diversity on innovation can help to generate new ideas and creative solutions to common problems.

Much like agriculture or automotive, STEM fields face an issue of the dearth of women in STEM. But by designing a curriculum that allows men and women to develop new and innovative ideas, then give those ideas a platform to be put to use, they can find innovative solutions to the gap in women in STEM.

Richard DeVaul, a celebrated game-changer, investor and he is Google’s Chief of AR/VR, believes that increasing diversity and inclusion can encourage innovation success. DeVaul is Director of Engineering and Technical Programs at Google, and has a long history of building talented teams through the implementation of innovative engineering practices. Go to this page for more information.


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