Jason Hope And IoT Salvaging The Environment

Jason Hope believes that technology is crucial in the fight against climate change and protecting all environments on Earth. Damage done to serene environments around the world has sometimes been done by humans fulfilling real natural disasters in addition to aggravating climate change. Sometimes even on purpose, Jason Hope points out. The capability to record data and measure changes can help people learn more about how to stop natural disasters originating from humans and natural disasters stemming from climate change. 


Jason Hope believes that the Internet of Things is ready to record and present data that’s urgently needed to prevent these natural disasters from occurring again. Currently. There are 10 billion IoT devices that are set up with IoT on them, which is a number that constantly increases daily (Theinternetofthings). 


Activist Investor Jason Hope


Using devices equipped with IoT can help prevent the catastrophes seen in Australia and the Amazon. Newly released research highlights that IoT is already being used to prevent biodiversity loss and advance the fight against climate change. Jason Hope explains that Instant Detect 2.0, a monitoring system used to record human movement and wildlife activity, is used to measure potential hazards. This can stop illegal activities, like poaching. 

TrailGuard AI is another system used to visualize images to prevent false-positive reports in isolated areas. Rainforest Connection is a system used to protect the rainforest environment by listening to sounds that don’t naturally occur, like the sound of a chainsaw and other equipment used to clear forests. The BTO Cuckoo Tracking Project is a project dedicated to finding out where the Cuckoo bird has been migrating. Jason Hope explains that it utilizes satellites, which are equipped with IoT to figure out where the Cuckoo birds are going and where they’re being stopped to figure out where the population decline is occurring. IoT makes it possible to report data rapidly and makes it easier for organizations to correct the problem before any damage is done.