Greg Blatt Goes from Vagabond Busboy to Top New York City CEO

People who graduate from college with a bachelor’s degree in English generally have to hustle after they join the “real world” if they want gainful employment. Some suggest that an important phrase all university English majors must learn is: “Do you want fries with that?”

Well, Greg Blatt opted for a degree in English at Colgate University. He then spent several years doing odd jobs like painting houses, bartending and bussing tables.

The difference with Greg Blatt, however, is that these menial jobs were funding an adventurous lifestyle of travel. He jetted off to Europe and lived in France and Hungary. Like a vagabond, he explored far and wide across the European continent before deciding it was time to up his game.

He returned to the U.S. and was accepted at Columbia University Law School. He nailed down his JD in 1995 and went to work with a top New York City law firm doing mergers and acquisitions. While it was a helpful experience, Greg Blatt wanted something different. He decided to seek legal opportunities in the entertainment sector.

Blatt’s big break came when he met lifestyle guru Martha Stewart. She hired him to be her general counsel to help guide her through a time when her company was gearing up to go public. Blatt turned his typically stellar performance for Stewart and her burgeoning brand. Refer to this article for additional information.

He then moved on to take another position as general counsel with entertainment giant IAC. It’s a firm that owns some of the top media brands, especially web-based platforms. Some of IAC’s assets include big names like, Expedia and the Home Shopping Network. IAC operates in more than 100 countries.

Greg Blatt was eventually named CEO of Tinder. He formerly served as the executive chairman of Match. He is noted for his ability to innovate, manage complex organizations well and for his superb legal skills.


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