Andrew Frame And What Makes A Successful Person

Andrew Frame is an entrepreneur who has been creating new ideas for startups beginning in his teenage years. He is currently CEO of Citizen. It is an app that is the first of its kind. It puts together 911 information with location. Its purpose is to keep people safe.

The idea behind Citizen came to Andrew Frame as he realized that there was not a free app that could be utilized on a global scale that would keep people safe. Frame stepped up to fill in the void.

The pandemic caused Citizen App to move to a remote mode. They base their hours on Eastern Standard Time. Andrew Frame works in Los Angeles so he naturally gets up early for coffee, exercise, and reading news. He finds his best work in done in the early morning hours.

Frame views his strengths to be working and thinking about this Product. This takes a majority of his day as he works with his team. The idea is to see how the company is performing relative to the goals set.

Andrew Frame lists two main points that allow him to be successful. One is hiring people who are smarter than himself. This is important to having an idea come to life. The second point is to set priorities. Frame states that if he worked on everything he thought about, he would never achieve anything. He must determine what is important and then concentrate on that task.

Frame considers the term “mobile” to be the key in the future. That is the reason for the Citizen app. Phones are everywhere, and each person needs Citizen to stay safe.

He is a big believer for his team and himself to have hobbies outside of work. For Frame, it is reading poetry and literature or taking ballroom dancing classes. These ventures enhance productivity. Refer to this article for related information.


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