Clay Siegall Sees New Solutions In The Future

The future of medicine is going to come from our understanding of genetics. Currently, cancer researchers are interested in new approaches to cancer therapy. Clay Siegall is on the horizon of this research with his biotech firm Seattle Genetics. His work on the antibody-conjugate treatments is changing how we think about cancer.

The innovation behind the antibody-conjugate treatments Seattle Genetics offers is groundbreaking. The unique delivery system attaches chemical compounds to human antibodies and injects the combination into the patient’s body. This arrangement results in higher effectiveness and fewer side effects. Many cancer therapy solutions result in the body rejecting the treatment, but antibody-conjugates can prevent this. The patient’s immune system will accept the treatment because of the antibodies. The quality of the therapy is often better than the alternatives. The therapy solutions provide patients with long-lasting treatment.

Clay Siegall has made Seattle Genetics into a company most biotech experts can respect. That success didn’t come overnight, and he didn’t go into the biotech industry with experience. Before he founded Seattle Genetics, Clay Siegall was a cancer researcher. He spent the 1990s studying the nature of various cancers, and he developed an understanding of how to make an effective treatment. He had an interest in the issues involving cancer therapy and the immune system. He wanted to figure out how to treat patients with fewer side effects. The antibody-conjugate was his solution to this issue. Seattle Genetics was the vehicle he would use to create this delivery system.

Going forward, Seattle Genetics is going to look for new ways to improve cancer therapy. Clay Siegall wants to continue the development of antibody therapies, and this research is going to cover more cancers. He knows there are things we need to learn about cancer. Seattle Genetics will lead the biotech industry towards a better understanding. He has lead this company for 20 years, and he wants to continue that legacy. Oncology is a challenging field, and the challenges only increase with progress. Every new discovery brings questions about its meaning. That’s why Clay Siegall continues to seek new cancer therapies today.