Todd Lubar, an insight to dedication

This essay discusses the substantial range of success that Todd Lubar has enacted. Among many other titles, Todd Lubar holds the appellation of president for the TDL GLOBAL VENTURES LLC. With over two decades of real estate experience, Lubar is one of the most sought out financial/real estate advisors in the Baltimore area. Not only is Todd Lubar the head of TDL, Additionally, he holds rank in several other corporations. He is very active within the demolition section of real estate as well as being a top rated mortgage originator all across America. Visit his

Throughout his years in the financial world, Todd Lubar has worked in the finance and credit sectors. Therefore, homeowners in need of his consultation seek out Lubar due to the fact that he has seen both sides of the real estate industry. Following his college degree at Syracuse University, Lubar joined Legacy Financial Group. Within his experience at LFG Lubar worked his way to the top.Throughout years of devotion, Todd Lubar became ranked as one of the top 25 mortgage originators in the nation. Check out Ideamensch to know more.

In addition to his works within LLC and LFG, Todd Lubar is also the vice president of Legendary Investments. Furthermore, Todd Lubar has worked relentlessly for years to make himself a known businessman, entrepreneur and an invested help concerning homeowners. During an interview, Lubar answered the question, what does it mean to be an entrepreneur, not surprisingly, he replied saying, “get up and work until you can’t anymore, then work some more”. Complementary to this, Lubar always encouraged people to never stop working and to always keep their future goals in mind. He stresses the importance of cutting your losses as much as possible, on one occasion he stated that one of his business deals turned on him and sent him back to where he started. When asked what he did to recover Lubar stated he started the next day by going back to it just in a different fashion. In conclusion, Todd Lubar is an inspiration to anyone in the search for financial independence.

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A Startup Game Changer: Mike Baur

Mike Baur with more than two decades of experience in banking is now using his extensive knowledge in banking and entrepreneurship to help entrepreneurs in Switzerland. In 2014 Mike Baur co-founded the Swiss Startup Factory which will be a game changer to Switzerland’s economy but more importantly the engine behind all booming economies; entrepreneurs.


Be Like Mike!

When asked what motivates Mike in an interview he had no long speech to offer other than two words: work hard. Mike obtained his bachelors degree in banking and finance in the year 2000, a few years after he received his masters of business administration from the University of Rochester. That experience as well as his presence for over 20 years in the private banking sector, holding some of the most sought after positions in Swiss banking, makes him a wealth of knowledge. Even with the huge financial compensations in these positions Mike still had the entrepreneur spirit alive and at the age of 39 decided to take a shot on himself.


Swiss Startup Factory the answer to every entrepreneur!

Throughout his career Mike Baur met many great entrepreneurs with amazing startup companies or ideas and noticed some of the things that were lacking to make them as successful as the giants we all know about today. Bridging the gap between innovation and executing is one of the main benefits of being associated with this company. Also, learning how to attract some of the best investors with the right professional strategies. As well as a number of other components of having a successful company that can’t be taught in school but have to be experienced, as Mike has.



I can foresee this company boosting the Swiss economy by creating more companies locally that will expand globally because of Mike’s international network and worldwide relationships. This is exactly what we need more of at this time of our existence, experienced professionals helping the youngest entrepreneurs. Mike Baur is helping the young generation of entreprenuers get and stay on track by providing a platform that teaches hard work, dedication, passion, professionalism and a step by step phenomenal launching program.



New Brazilian Startups Are The Embryos For Future International Companies

Brazil launched a startup program in July 2013 in order to revitalize the ailing economic market. The largest country in Latin America was hit by sinking commodity prices, fiscal mismanagement, China’s economic slump, and a government that didn’t understand the needs of business on Antiquated tax codes and high-interest rates gave investors nightmares, so they left Brazil and invested in other countries. But the startup program is a breath of fresh business air. Several startups are bringing foreign investors back to Brazil. Local investors are excited about the opportunities that exist in Brazil, and based on the profits these startups are producing, more investors will take a chance, according to Flavio Maluf. Flavio Maluf is the CEO of the Brazilian building material supply company, Eucatex.

Flavio Maluf is one of Brazil’s top entrepreneurs. There are more than 4,000 startups in cities across the country, and Maluf thinks education, healthcare, entertainment, and the tech sectors of the economy are responding to these new business ventures. Thanks to the Internet, more than 80 million Brazilian are doing some sort of business online on About half of those people use a mobile device to access the Internet, and many of those people use apps to make their lives easier. The number of people using apps grows every day. That is one of the reasons Maluf believes startups will help energize the country’s economy.

Flavio Maluf knows a lot about energizing companies. Maluf was the catalyst for the growth of the family business when Flavio became president in 1997. Eucatex was a startup in 1951. The company only made one product, but that product had a hand in changing the commercial and residential building industry in Brazil at The Eucatex product, the attractive and inexpensive eucalyptus wood ceiling tile filled a void in the marketplace. Building companies in cities all over Brazil ordered the ceiling tiles, and in the late 1950s, Eucatex became an international company.

But even though the company was a successful exporter, Flavio was the man who expanded the product line and modernized the company’s factories. All four Eucatex factories use renewal energy, and all Eucatex offices follow the reuse, reduce, and recycle program.

Adam Milstein is on the Front Line in Fostering the Jewish Unity

Adam Milstein was born in Haifa, Israel, 65 years ago, but moved to California, U.S. in 1981. Together with his wife, Gila, they belong to the Israeli-Americans community of close to one million people and a larger Jewish Americans community of close to six million people. Adam Milstein is ranked among the 40 most influential Jews living in the United States. This explains why he successfully lobbied for the formation of the Israeli-American Council, which he heads even today. He is respected for using his position to foster the ties between the State of Israel and the U.S. as well as leading campaigns aimed at bringing together the Israeli-Americans for their common good.

Jewish Activism

In 2000, he collaborated with his wife to establish an organization that has taught the Jewish culture to many American-born Jewish youths as well as encouraging them to keep ties with their countries of origin. The foundation goes by the name Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation. Two years ago, he convinced his fellow prominent Jewish-Americans, Haim Saban, and Sheldon Adelson, to convene a protest summit against the lies and prejudice directed towards the Jewish state in American colleges. The summit, which was held in Las Vegas, was dubbed the Campus Maccabees Summit and was attended by over 50 Jewish organizations.

Involvement in Philanthropy

The Milstein family’s commitment to helping the community is unmatched by any other Jewish family in California and beyond. Through their organization, Gila and Adam have funded and even invested their time in many philanthropic movements. Case in point, they are the main sponsors of Sifriyat Pijama B’America program of issuing Jewish youths with free monthly Hebrew books.

Milstein’s Early Life

The Yom Kippur war of Israel erupted when Milstein was still a young man living in Haifa. During the war, he served in the Israeli Defense Forces. Later on, Milstein joined the Israel Institute of Technology for his undergraduate studies. Milstein earned a B.Sc. degree in Industrial & Business Management in 1979. In 1983, Adam ventured into the real estate business and is still active to date.

Omar Boraie’s Career Journey and Philanthropy

Real estate is one of the industries that greatly contribute to New Brunswick’s economy. It is quickly becoming one of the most rewarding industries in the area. Among those that are bound to benefit most are the like of Omar Boraie who began a career in real estate back in the year 1972. Omar Boarie was born in the year 1941, in Egypt. He had a medical education background and was practicing as a chemist in Egypt, before he moved to the US.

As a student, he would see companies come to deploy students. However, what they were offering as remuneration was really demeaning. He would expect that companies would respect his level of education and offer him better terms. So in retaliation, he decided to start his own company. This time, it was not in the medical industry but the real estate industry. Yes, his passion helping people own property, led him here. So he started by purchasing dilapidated property, mostly in eastern Brunswick. He would then rehabilitate such property and resell at a profit.

Aside from rehabilitation, Boraie also rented office space. This commercial property was located on Albany Street. It had a number offices that people would rent for various business operations. From there, he was simply unstoppable. He would develop other office complexes for lease and rent. Later he diversified to develop commercial properties that were affordable ad desirable to the people of this city.

Some of the most notable developments by Sam Boraie include the apartment complex, aspire that is located on Somerset Street. The complex, which is a 17-storey skyscraper will have 200 units, ranging from studio apartments to one bedroom and two bedroom apartments. Aspire will be a gated community that is fully-serviced including a security guard, gym, lounges, parking, and a private club. The Boys & Girls Club reopening in Atlantic City is also one of the biggest contract that Boraie has landed. And as of today, he boasts of having developed over 250 properties and over 1 million sq. feet.

Being a very successful realtor has seen Boraie’s philanthropic side aroused. Being the chairperson of Genomics at Rutgers University,, he recently donated $1.5 million. This money will be used in funding the ongoing research on cancer.