Rocketship Education Balances the Fundamentals of Learning

NPR blogger, Anya Kamenetz and the response of Preston Smith, CEO of Rocketship Education, has raised a few eyebrows as well as a few questions. The article that was written brought up some important issues regarding the way that classrooms are run and how students utilize technology as well as how staff is allocated, but these are not issues that concern Rocketship Education. They are issues that many other schools need to address.

The three brought to light include classroom management, technology use, and intervention. The article didn’t do Rocketship Education justice and painted a harsh picture of the school. Every school needs to enforce rules and structure or else there would be chaos. Every educator knows this. Different schools approach this differently, but there needs to be some sort of routine, boundaries, rewards, and discipline.

The rules implemented at Rocketship Education have a structured teacher training program that helps teachers to keep their classroom productive, but it can be difficult to find a balance. Rocketship Education has tried to implement structure while not crossing the line.

Technology use is another factor in the balancing act of keeping order in school. The article falsely stated that students at Rocketship schools spend 80 minutes a day on computers, but students spend that time across five different programs.

Intervention is giving teachers the opportunity to help students to learn as they work on online programs. The NPR article stated that understaffed and underqualified teachers have the task of intervention, but qualification is not in question. The teacher is qualified if they’re passionate about teaching their students and they are capable if they’re willing to teach. The NPR article brings up some good points although they may not pertain to Rocketship Schools directly but rather education on a bigger scale.

Rocketship Schools believes in the potential of their students and are dedicated to each and every one of their students. They’re there to help their students to realize and harness their full potential while helping their students to gain important skills. They have a strong sense of authenticity, community, tenacity, innovation, and excellence.

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