Sheldon Lavin’s Journey To Success

Sheldon Lavin is the CEO and the chairperson of the OSI Group, LLC. He is also the president of the OSI International Foods Limited. Currently, he serves as the General Trustee of the Rush University Medical Center. Sheldon Lavin has a high profile in the food and meat processing firm. Sheldon has developed extensive industry skills and knowledge since the year 1970 when he was actively involved in the growth of the Otto & Sons that ultimately evolved into the OSI Group.

Under his name, the OSI group grew rapidly from a local food processing firm to an international industry. In recognition of his incredible accomplishment of expanding the OSI Group onto an international scene and helping to create job opportunities across the world, Sheldon was presented with the Global Visionary Award by India’s Vision World Academy in the year 2016.

Sheldon’s Contribution to the Growth of the OSI Group

As the Chief Executive Officer of the OIS Group, he has been actively helping the firm to expand internationally. He is also planning to bring modern food processing technology to countries across the world. Lavin joined the meat and food industry approximately 40 years ago after a successful career in the finance and banking department as well as having a consultant firm.

The OSI Group currently has approximately 20,000 personnel across the world. He joined the industry in the year 1970 after financing the Otto & Sons. Sheldon Lavin was first appointed as a partner of the firm together with the two sons. Afterward, he agreed to join the firm on a full-time basis. He helped the company expand through Europe and North America before expanding its services to South America, Taiwan, South Africa, Japan, China, Australia, and the Philippines. Currently, the firm has more than 60 facilities in 16 countries across the universe. Under his leadership, the company has won vital awards including Global vision award and the Globe of Honor Award.

Sheldon’s Secrets to Success

In the interview, Sheldon responded to some of the essential questions during the interview. Lavin said the ability to plan and prepare for his future makes him unique from other individuals. He added that most individuals do not plan for their future. Sheldon Lavin said that he developed his habit of making informed decisions while still young which would improve his situation in the future. This preference is essential for creating firms that can stand and compete in the test of the time.


Who is behind the success of Fortress Investment Group?

Peter Briger partnered with Wes Edens and Randal in 2002 when he joined Fortress Investment Group. He is the current principle of the company, and he works together with the other professionals to ensure the company succeeds. Peter is experienced, and that is why he is tasked to be in charge of real estate and credit sector in the company. How did Peter Briger qualify to partner with Wes Edens and Randal who are the founders of the organization? He had the experienced required to work for such a company, and that is why he was trusted to join the company. He started by working for Goldman Sachs, and this made him become experienced. He served for over ten years at Goldman Sachs and acquired a lot of experience in the financial sector.

Peter Briger also served at Caliber Schools where he engaged students in various conferences. His work here was to prepare the students for University education. The great investor started by getting the right education from Princeton University, which is an institution known for shaping the lives of students. His quest to succeed in Business and Finance saw him attend Wharton Business School. The school is based in Pennsylvania. He has the right credentials when it comes to running a business. Since he joined the financial industry, he has made a mark and is known by many organizations as being a great leader with a proper understanding of how the industry operates.

At Goldman Sachs, he came up with s successful merger with a company known as Global Control and Compliance. He also partnered with Asian Management and Japanese organization. The merger became successful. It was dealing with debt vehicles and real estate. Such experience is what enabled him to have the confidence of joining Fortress Investment. He wanted to work with other professionals because he had a lot to accomplish.

He was working as the principle of Fortress, and he oversaw the handing over of the shares of the company to Softbank. The merger has been smooth, and the company continues to achieve success. Peter Briger is the man behind the success of this merger. A Force of Innovation: Two Decades of Fortress Investment Group

Southridge Capital Is Leading The Financial Solutions Industry In The United States

Located in Connecticut, Southridge Capital has been helping clients throughout the entire New England area with their financial problems and has become one of the leading financial solutions companies in the entire country. The company first started for business back in 1996 and quickly built a reputation for being trustworthy and experienced in their solutions. This is no small matter when it comes to a company that handles such sensitive and often times valuable information. Southridge doesn’t just help the individual struggling with debt, but many business teams and corporations that need to increase their annual revenues or reverse financial losses.


At Southridge Capital, management is built from five different professionals, including the CEO and founder of the company, Stephen Hicks. He is personally responsible for the companies strategies and long-term growth patterns, which is he aided tremendously since the company first opened more than 20 years ago. Narine Persaud is the CFO and the primary controller for the company, with daily financial management tasks and accounting of funds. Henry Sargent determines the selection of investments and the structure the company makes for their deals. Overall, the company has many professionals that aid in the company’s success, especially Linda Carlsen, who manages the companies portfolios and directs the marketing campaigns for the firm. To see more you can visit their website



Southridge Capital has a number of different services for their clients to make use of that can be beneficial to their financial futures. This includes credit enhancement and management services. Mergers and acquisitions, financial analysis, sheet balancing, financial restructuring, and budgeting are some of the services Southridge has provided their clients over the years. Financial instability can be highly stressful and cause many problems as most people are well aware. Instead of letting this happen, contact a trustworthy financial solutions agency like Southridge or reach out to them at their personal website. Check out




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Southridge Capital Financial Solutions for Consumers

Many people struggle with financial issues. Southridge Capital is a growing company in Connecticut. Southridge Capital helps customers in various ways. Not only are there financial planners who work at the company, but there are also people who focus on helping customers with budgeting and fundamental financial questions. Some people have high levels of debt and struggle to invest for the future. Other people need help designing an investment plan to reach their financial goals. You can visit their Facebook page.


Budgeting is a critical aspect of financial planning. Few people track their spending each month. Once people start tracking their spending, they usually notice various opportunities to save money. Cooking is much less expensive than going to restaurants. Some people go to restaurants daily, and this costs them hundreds of dollars per month.

The people who work at Southridge teach clients how to budget. There are multiple online tools that people can use to help in this process.


Investing is critical for people who want to retire. Some people want to retire but have no financial plan. More people than ever have to work well past the typical retirement age due to poor financial planning.

Some people do not invest because they are worried about losing money. Other people do not invest because they think it is too complicated.

Future Plans at Southridge Capital

Southridge Capital is serving more customers than ever before. The leaders of the company want to expand into other states. There are millions of people in the United States who need financial planning help.

Anyone who needs financial help should consider working with Southridge Capital. Financial planning is more straightforward than most people realize. Instead of struggling each month financially, people can work with a financial planner to invest for the future. You can visit their website

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Paul Mampilly: Stocks And Shares Are Going To Miss Him

Paul Mampilly is somewhat of a prodigy in the investment world. Having started out in this profession in his early twenties, he has been behind some spectacular investments and gains. Now in his forties, he has decided to retire to spend more time with his family.

Pauls first gig was at Bankers Trust where he worked as an assistant portfolio manager. From there his rise was meteoric and he wound up into senior positions at Deutsche Bank and ING where he was put in charge of accounts worth millions. His resume includes more such institutions such as Royal Bank of Scotland, Bankers Trust, Sears and even a Swiss Bank.

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However, his big break did not come until 2006 when he was offered a hedge fund management job with Kinetics Asset Management which was worth $6 billion at the time he joined. Under Paul Mampilly the company grew at a rate of 26% a year eventually hitting $25 billion. This astounding growth made Baron’s name Kinetics one of the worlds best hedge funds. Another award he got was from the Templeton Foundation. He got this by taking part in a competition put up by them. The competition was to take $50 million and see what he could do with it in a 12 month period. At the end of the time frame he took the $50 million and grew it to $88 million! What makes this achievement noteworthy is that he did it during 2008 financial turmoil.

Even though he retired from his Wall Street job, he doesn’t consider himself to be fully retired. Now, instead of helping the wealthy get even wealthier he is dedicating his time to helping the middle class make smarter investment decisions. He started newsletters called “Profits Unlimited” and “ Fortunes Unlimited”. Through these newsletters, he is transmitting years of knowledge and experience gained from navigating the stock market jungle. As Paul himself puts it he has a knack for identifying the next Google or Amazon so that the investor can make big gains.

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