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The Career and Professional Accomplishments of Don Manifold

May 11, 2022

Don Manifold is Adelaide favorable divestment, mergers, valuations and acquisitions advisor. He is the founder and owner of Don Manifold Advisory Partners and a joint Managing Director at Equity and Advisory. The Manifold Advisory Firm help various managements and boards, teams to evaluate and execute on strategy. Career Background For the last 15 years that…

Learn about Bhanu Choudhrie

April 2, 2022

Bhanu Choudhrie is an entrepreneur and the C&C Alpha Group (CCAG) founder. He was born in June of 1978 in Delhi, India; his father, Sudhir Choudhrie, is a businessman with major interests in aviation, media, hospitality, mall development, and health care. Bhanu Choudhrie attended the University of Boston and studied international business and marketing. In…

 Du Shuanghua Recap

February 28, 2022

A Look At The Du Shuanghua and The Rizhao Steel Sale 2010 Du Shuanghua is a Chinese restaurant in downtown Los Angeles serving the community with delicious food and great prices for many years. In 2010, they decided to go all-in and offer a steel sale. The sale was so successful that they decided to…

Joseph Ashford of K4 Global

February 20, 2022

Joseph Ashford is the founder of both K4 Global and K4 Media, two arms of K4, an investment firm operating out of Bournemouth, UK. Primarily focused on the service sector in the UK, for over 20 years Joseph Ashford has guided this small but powerful investment firm into making K4 Global into a real powerhouse…

Why Bhanu Choudhrie Has Invested Heavily in the Culture of Alpha Aviation Group

January 21, 2022

Building a recognizable culture in the operations of the business is something that various individuals have been working hard to incorporate into their business entities. However, as information currently shows, only a few organizations have been aggressive in ensuring that they have a dominant culture known by all the employees and people outside the organization….

Mahmoud Khattab Explains How Concerned Authorities Can Improve Access to Healthcare Services in the Country

December 21, 2021

Across the country, there are individuals who have been raising some major questions associated with the issue of affordability of healthcare services in the country. However, with regards to the professional analysis of the entire sector, it is also important for individuals to pay attention to the issue of accessing the necessary healthcare services. This…

Bhanu Choudhrie, a British-Indian Investor Has Been a Business Icon in Asia and UK

December 20, 2021

Bhanu Choudhrie has built his career as a strategic investor, philanthropist, and founder of C&C Alpha Group. Also, he oversees investments in real estate, healthcare, aviation, banking, utilities, and hospitality. Bhanu was born in 1978 in New Delhi as the eldest son of an eminent Indian businessman and political donor. Bhanu is an advocate of…

Why Bhanu Choudhrie is Not Closing His Business Despite Recession Fears

November 29, 2021

Bhanu Choudhrie has proved to be one of the business leaders who have been working on getting consistent results despite the challenges that the market has been demonstrating in the last few years. Obviously, the aviation sector has not been at its best for a long period due to the global recession in place for…

Alejandro Betancourt and Hawkers’ Success

August 28, 2021

Alejandro Betancourt is one of the key players in Hawkers Co.’s success in the sunglasses industry. Alejandro Betancourt is an investor with a vision- just the kind of vision that Hawkers needed to transcend its very humble origins. Hawkers was started by four friends in Spain with the idea to start their own unique version…

Solar Energy and Energy Efficiency Company: Posigen

August 23, 2021

Posigen is a solar energy company based in New Orleans. The company was formed after the devastating effects of Hurricane Katrina on the people of New Orleans. Most low to medium-income families could not afford the rebuild programs. The founders of Posigen knew that they would be able to help rebuild the community. The main…