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Citizen App: Why Neighborhoods Need Real-Time Security Alerts

December 9, 2021

Generally, addressing the trends in the safety aspects in the neighborhoods has been an issue of concern in the entire country. This has been a dangerous problem that seems to have outperformed most of the local security agencies that have been trying hard to ensure that they have enhanced security requirements over the years. It…

Citizen App Is Keeping People Weather Aware

October 29, 2021

Now more than ever, people rely on apps for news, weather and sports. However, when it comes to keeping safe within our communities, we need something that gives us information quickly. Meet the Citizen App. The app provides users real-time alerts as well as 911 information. The goal is to keep users safe and aware…

Andrew Frame And What Makes A Successful Person

October 29, 2021

Andrew Frame is an entrepreneur who has been creating new ideas for startups beginning in his teenage years. He is currently CEO of Citizen. It is an app that is the first of its kind. It puts together 911 information with location. Its purpose is to keep people safe. The idea behind Citizen came to…