EOS and How They Took Over the Lip Balm Market

Anyone that has never heard of EOS has probably been under a rock hiding or something. It is a great product that changed the industry of personal care products. It created a whole new concept for lip balms. That concept has led the lip balm company forward on the path to greatness. This is the secret to that success.

When the company was first created, the owner and CEO Sanjiv Mehra, knew what he was doing. He began this as a small start-up. Nobody could have imagined how incredible this would turn out. It was a complete success. https://evolutionofsmooth.com/lip-balm.html

The way the product smells, the way it is shaped. Everything about it rolled into one thing that makes it a must for lip balms. Then they started giving them to celebrities. Those celebrities made the product legendary. Suddenly, everyone had to have the EOS lip balms. They appeared in movies and videos. Soon the product had more exposure than the EOS commercials that were now appearing on television. It wasn’t an accidental thing either. People saw the products in the hands of their favorite celebrities, and then the products were in commercials. Now they knew what this colorful ball was. The only thing left to do was go buy it for themselves.

Then they started creating creative marketing ploys to get the product to maintain its position. Getting into a place where you can make a product line stay popular takes careful planning. That plan had flavors, variations on the themes and packaging concepts that made everyone want to buy more. Buy more they did too. To date, over 7 million people follow the company on Facebook. All of those people buy thousands of those products. It’s a non-stop moneymaking machine when you do it right. EOS has apparently figured out how to do it right too.

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  1. It is not just a simple marketing plan and to give what they have achieve so far, it is about down to the level of hardwork and commitment. I think that NinjaEssays also goes to show that the commitment and work ethics put in by any one never fails and it helps to have such desires. Going up front EOS can really pose a purposeful business model that anyone can see and learn to implement too.

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