Omar Boraie’s Career Journey and Philanthropy

Real estate is one of the industries that greatly contribute to New Brunswick’s economy. It is quickly becoming one of the most rewarding industries in the area. Among those that are bound to benefit most are the like of Omar Boraie who began a career in real estate back in the year 1972. Omar Boarie was born in the year 1941, in Egypt. He had a medical education background and was practicing as a chemist in Egypt, before he moved to the US.

As a student, he would see companies come to deploy students. However, what they were offering as remuneration was really demeaning. He would expect that companies would respect his level of education and offer him better terms. So in retaliation, he decided to start his own company. This time, it was not in the medical industry but the real estate industry. Yes, his passion helping people own property, led him here. So he started by purchasing dilapidated property, mostly in eastern Brunswick. He would then rehabilitate such property and resell at a profit.

Aside from rehabilitation, Boraie also rented office space. This commercial property was located on Albany Street. It had a number offices that people would rent for various business operations. From there, he was simply unstoppable. He would develop other office complexes for lease and rent. Later he diversified to develop commercial properties that were affordable ad desirable to the people of this city.

Some of the most notable developments by Sam Boraie include the apartment complex, aspire that is located on Somerset Street. The complex, which is a 17-storey skyscraper will have 200 units, ranging from studio apartments to one bedroom and two bedroom apartments. Aspire will be a gated community that is fully-serviced including a security guard, gym, lounges, parking, and a private club. The Boys & Girls Club reopening in Atlantic City is also one of the biggest contract that Boraie has landed. And as of today, he boasts of having developed over 250 properties and over 1 million sq. feet.

Being a very successful realtor has seen Boraie’s philanthropic side aroused. Being the chairperson of Genomics at Rutgers University,, he recently donated $1.5 million. This money will be used in funding the ongoing research on cancer.


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