Southridge Capital Is Leading The Financial Solutions Industry In The United States

Located in Connecticut, Southridge Capital has been helping clients throughout the entire New England area with their financial problems and has become one of the leading financial solutions companies in the entire country. The company first started for business back in 1996 and quickly built a reputation for being trustworthy and experienced in their solutions. This is no small matter when it comes to a company that handles such sensitive and often times valuable information. Southridge doesn’t just help the individual struggling with debt, but many business teams and corporations that need to increase their annual revenues or reverse financial losses.


At Southridge Capital, management is built from five different professionals, including the CEO and founder of the company, Stephen Hicks. He is personally responsible for the companies strategies and long-term growth patterns, which is he aided tremendously since the company first opened more than 20 years ago. Narine Persaud is the CFO and the primary controller for the company, with daily financial management tasks and accounting of funds. Henry Sargent determines the selection of investments and the structure the company makes for their deals. Overall, the company has many professionals that aid in the company’s success, especially Linda Carlsen, who manages the companies portfolios and directs the marketing campaigns for the firm. To see more you can visit their website



Southridge Capital has a number of different services for their clients to make use of that can be beneficial to their financial futures. This includes credit enhancement and management services. Mergers and acquisitions, financial analysis, sheet balancing, financial restructuring, and budgeting are some of the services Southridge has provided their clients over the years. Financial instability can be highly stressful and cause many problems as most people are well aware. Instead of letting this happen, contact a trustworthy financial solutions agency like Southridge or reach out to them at their personal website. Check out




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