Why You Shouldn’t Stress about Wearing a Mask says Eye Healthcare Specialist Tom Chang MD

Dr. Tom Chang MD received his degree in medicine from the University of Toronto Faculty of Medicine and has been practicing for more than 20 years. Currently working in Pasadena California,  he is associated with several Pasadena hospitals including the Methodist Hospital of Southern California and Advent Heath Bakersfield. Tom Chang MD is also the founder of the Acuity Eye Group. You might have heard some myths regarding the wearing of masks. There is a lot of misinformation going around on the internet. 


Many don’t understand that if they feel perfectly fine, why should they wear a mask? Well, some people who have COVID 19 are actually asymptomatic or are simply not displaying any symptoms quite yet. Since it would be hard to know if you are sick, the best solution is to be cautious and wear a mask. Currently, Tom Chang MD is aware that some people believe that wearing a mask, even if confirmed sick, would be pointless due to the virus particles being so small. But the virus doesn’t spread just by itself, it spreads through respiratory droplets that come from our nose and mouth. By just speaking you can produce quite a lot of respiratory droplets. 


When we wear our masks it dramatically reduces the spread of these respiratory droplets. We can all understand that getting used to a mask can take some time, and many have voiced concerns that having a mask on too much could cause carbon dioxide poisoning. According to Tom Chang MD, there is very little evidence that this could occur wearing a mask, especially for a small amount of time. The molecules of carbon dioxide are able to pass through your mask easily. There is still a lot to learn, but wearing a mask is an easy way to help your community and loved ones stay safe and healthy.