Grants Assist Helps Various Aussie Businesses Access, Utilize Grants And Loans

Based in Canberra, Australia, Grants Assist has been in the forefront in its efforts to champion for Aussie businesses to apply, access and use loans and grants from the Australian government. Over the years, the Australian sets aside millions of dollars that is meant to help young entrepreneurs who may want to start a business but lack the capital to set up the business. Although the government offers a variety of business grants, it appears to many upcoming entrepreneurs, groups and businesses that they do not know if the government has such a plan. For that reason, Grants Assist was formed to help such businesses acquire government-driven incentives, subsidies as well as rebates.

In order to assist businesses acquire these government services, Grants Assist starts by educating businesses through its public relations officers. If an individual or business qualifies for the grants, at least as per Grants Assist, the firm applies to the government for the grant on behalf of the individual or company. According to Grants Assist, each year, grants given by the government end up unutilized because many businesses do not know if such a program exists. For this reason, Grants Assist positions itself as the only startup that fights for the rights of vulnerable individuals who want to start businesses but they do not know where to start. A few that know of the programs have reaped big as the government has been lenient in giving the grants to motivate its people on their self-worth.

Thanks to Grants Assist services, companies and individuals who qualify for grants from the government, get their notifications when the grants are ready. Although the government is generous, the issuance of grants usually target particular industries and sectors thus not everybody, anyone or even any business can access the grants given by the government. Hitherto, statistics indicate that almost a half of the non-profit organizations’ budget runs on grants!