Vik Bansal is Moving to InfraBuild to Continue with the Agenda of Business Transformation

InfraBuild has been on a transformational agenda for the last few years whereby it has been looking to structure its business operations and to become one of the most competitive companies in Australia. However, working on a transformational approach is sometimes not the easiest undertaking. There is a need for some experts who have a detailed understanding of what transformation means to one of the organizations that have been in the country for very many years.

That is why the organization has appointed Vik Bansal as the chief executive officer and a member of the board to help in ensuring that the company continues with its transformational agenda with ease. It is obvious that the experienced CEO will prove to be very important to the growth and success of this organization because he has held similar roles in the past where he has proved to be very efficient in business transformation.

Vik Bansal will be moving from Cleanaway, which is a leading solid waste management organization. When he was joining this organization, the company was almost collapsing, which means that he is the one who was responsible for turning the fortunes of the company and ensuring that the organization was structured to head in the desired direction that it is currently demonstrating in the last few years. This means that he had to transform the company.

As of today, InfraBuild is not in the financial and leadership turmoil that Cleanaway was when Vik Bansal was joining. This means that he is not expected to solve the challenges of a major organization in the market. His role will just be required to make sure that the theme of transformation that is already in place is maintained and that the company continues to make the right decisions and choices when it comes to the issue of business transformation. To learn more visit: here.