Larry Baer Is A Good Example Of A Natural Leader

Have you ever asked yourself why some people pioneer growth in any organization or group they land on? Well, the story of Larry Baer, a San Francisco native, will give you a hint. Education is one aspect that can trigger growth.

When you take jobs, you have broader knowledge about like Larry, you will have leverage than the uneducated leader. From his appointments in the media industry to the sports industry where he is now, Larry Baer never settles for less. Larry Baer is a good planner and natural visionary individual who analyses any solution possible before settling in any decision.

Larry Baer received the CEO title of the SF Giants in 2012 after being in the management for twenty years, the period during which she held various executive positions: Vice President, COO, and president. She runs all the errands of San Francisco Giants, including major decision-making such as development and investment decisions. One of these decisions that have set the bar high for the next CEO is the planning and setting up a park that set a global record for being the only private park with outstanding features including being the biggest.

Another one is the current project in progress that looks like a self-contained city due to the projects contained: Health center, residential properties, offices, restaurants, parking facility, retail shops, and amenities. In terms of performance in the WSC, Giants, led by Larry Baer, the Giants CEO, managed to obtain second and third WSC titles in 2012 and 2014.

The SF Giants CEO’s leadership is out of this world and has earned him multiple awards. He occupies prominent leadership positions in Media and the Baseball industry. His philanthropy has made him be on boards of various organizations and clubs. In conjunction with his wife Pam, they chaired the SFGHF committee that steered the unveiling of ZSGHTC. Giants CEO is blessed to have not one or two but for children whom he is proud of. Go here for more information about Larry Baer.


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