Sujit Choudhry Thoughts on Canadian Lockdowns

The last year has proven to be quite challenging for people in the global community. In Canada, things have not been better for the people. The federal government, provinces and even the municipalities have had to issue some legal restrictions in order to respond to the dangerous healthcare pandemic. The constitutional changes in this part of the world have been emerging each day. Sujit Choudhry is a man who understands constitutional law than any other professional in the world. Sujit has great concerns about the healthcare restrictions introduced by the authorities. The top legal expert believes that this changes will trigger complex constitutional challenges. Sujit Choudhry boldly addressed constitutional issues that keep many government awake in the night. In his entire career life, the lawyer has changed the fate of many countries who could not come up with an ideal constitution. The executive has proven to be wise when handling constitutional matters, and he ensures that all parties facing conflicts reach the best agreement.  Source: Wikiquote

Sujit has noted that the physical distancing regulations are starting to introduce controversies among the Canadian people. The citizens now believe that the authorities are infringing their freedom of association and assembly. The increasing constitutional issues might soon end up in the Canadian courts. These courts are already dealing with numerous issues emerging to the corona pandemic. The lockdowns in Canada are different from any other part of the world. The municipalities and provinces in this country have brought numerous measures to combat the spread of corona among the people. Non essential activities have already been closed down. Schools and most government offices have closed down too, not forgetting the restrictions introduced in public properties across the country. The media in Canada believes that these are ordinary lockdowns to deal with the dangerous virus. For constitutional experts such as Sujit, however, there is more in these restrictions.

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