Thomas Neyhart: PosiGen Sheds Light on How to Solar Energy Saves Money

PosiGen is a solar company providing affordable and safe solar power to its clients. Its key targets include low-to-moderate income earners and people of color. The aim at PosiGen is to ensure that it helps these customers save and grow their economy, rather than exploiting them and making profits. The solar power company rolled out the program right after Hurricane Katrina and its devastation in New Orleans, spreading to other states. So far, Thomas Neyhart points out, the solar company has managed to serve more than 14000 clients. Since the idea was to empower low-to-moderate income earners and people of color, more than 65% of its employees are women or people of color. PosiGen explains to its target audience how solar power is the right way to go. 


It is cheap, helping them save on electricity bills. Most people don’t know how their electricity bills are calculated, but PosiGen explains vividly how their system works to save clients lots of cash. When a client calls for PosiGen’s services, the first step calculates the client’s energy consumption. Then, the solar company would start with free installation. Thomas Neyhart explains that there are solar panels that convert light into electrical energy. Also, there is the inverter that turns the electricity into alternating current electricity to power homes. 


Besides providing a cheap source of electricity, PosiGen CEO Thomas Neyhart explained that the company started the program since it is a renewable energy incentive. The idea was to reduce carbon emission into the environment, reducing pollution. Also, these are incentives that clients enjoy when they install solar panels. Some states go an extra mile to offer solar rebate programs, refunding clients a portion of the amount they use to purchase solar projects.


Another lucrative program that PosiGen solar power company introduces to its clients is net metering program. Regular electricity meters would calculate a client’s electricity consumption and add additional charges to get the electricity bill with accurate precision. However, PosiGen net metering system works differently. Thomas Neyhart adds that in case one consumes more electricity than they produce, they will only pay for the extra. However, when they produce more electricity from their solar panels, the excess will be credited. Therefore, they would redeem these credits during those days that they under-produced and don’t pay extra. As a result, solar power has helped clients reduce electricity bills to a great extent.