Liu Qiangdong's career advancements

Richard Liu is sometimes referred to as Liu Qiangdong. He’s one of China’s top online entrepreneurs. In the realm of e-commerce, Liu Qiangdong achieved numerous advancements. JD.Com was voted the most inventive and selling online market on the NASDAQ floor. Liu Qiangdong studied sociology and later spent much of his time freelancing and coding at Renmin University. He was enthusiastically interested in computer programming since, after graduation, he tried to work at Japan Life. founder Richard Liu divorce rumours shut down in Valentine's Day statement | South China Morning Post

Liu Qiangdong developed one of China’s largest online retailer platforms, which effortlessly sells goods to its consumers without direct interaction. Though he grew born in a region with a limited road network, he overcame the obstacles and thrived on business.

The firm was an online health and food provider. However, that was not enough, and he eventually launched his brick-and-mortar shop company in Beijing, China, at the Zhongguancun industrial park in 1998. Because of the SARS pandemic, however, the company was shuttered one year later and focused on electronic commerce. Therefore, Liu Qiangdong created an online portal that offered a wide range of consumer and electrical items to Magneto and optical gadgets.

After some time, he had built over 12 stores in the industrial park and was optimistic about the successful future of his firm. In 2014, JD.Com reached a joint agreement with WeChat Tencent Company, which intended to advertise the company’s commodities and services. As a result, the business has acquired 15% of JD.Com shares. Later in 2017, Company also ventured into an online fashion and design retail platform which sold shopping items from various brands. As a result, Liu Qiangdong accomplished a global breakthrough in online platforms sales and has moved to the United States.

The company has produced unique concepts that lead to further technical developments in internet commerce. Moreover, due to its effective and rapid delivery, the firm has also won most consumers worldwide.