Solar Energy and Energy Efficiency Company: Posigen

Posigen is a solar energy company based in New Orleans. The company was formed after the devastating effects of Hurricane Katrina on the people of New Orleans. Most low to medium-income families could not afford the rebuild programs.

The founders of Posigen knew that they would be able to help rebuild the community. The main aim of the foundation of Posigen was to provide efficient and affordable solar services to residents of New Orleans (Apnews).


How Posigen Works


Posigen makes the work of their customers easier by obtaining all the necessary documentation from the authority. The customer is only required to sign the document for implementation. The company ensures that the installation meets the maximum efficiency. The company has a unique strategy of identifying its customers. They base their sales on customer savings, not on the profit they make.


According to PosiGen CEO, the main goals of the solar power company include:

  • Providing employment opportunities to the community they serve
  • Making a positive difference to the environment
  • Providing growth to low-income communities and people of color
  • Creating a positive impact on the people they serve


Posigen offers leasing and purchase services to their customers. Most customers have benefited from the lease program, installation, efficient energy upgrades, system monitoring, and affordable monthly payments. Posigen has tremendously grown across the country with over 14000 users. As a result, many disadvantaged communities have benefited from this initiative. The program has not only supported the growth of their customers but has also made a positive impact on the environment. Posigen CEO points out that the company┬┤s services reduces utility bills for the low to moderate-income communities. These savings will, in turn, improve their living standards. Through energy efficiency upgrades to their customers, Posigen ensures that their homes are clean and safe. It also ensures that there is no loss of energy through an energy audit. The audit helps to identify points of energy loss and air leaks and thus provides a lasting solution.


How Does Posigen Net Metering Works


With the installation of solar panels, PosiGEN CEO Thomas Neyhart points out, a customer gets a two-directional net meter. This ensures that customers receive credit for the electricity their panels produce. When the solar panels produce more than the required energy, the excess energy supplies to the grid system. This extra energy enables a customer to receive credit. When solar energy fails to meet your energy demands, more energy is delivered from the grid system. Thus net metering enables you to get paid for the energy you produce or as free electricity credit when using the grid.