Alejandro Betancourt and Hawkers’ Success

Alejandro Betancourt is one of the key players in Hawkers Co.’s success in the sunglasses industry. Alejandro Betancourt is an investor with a vision- just the kind of vision that Hawkers needed to transcend its very humble origins. Hawkers was started by four friends in Spain with the idea to start their own unique version of Craigslist.

The project was initially a failure, so they switched instead to selling pairs of sunglasses that they had gotten from California. They found surprising success from pivoting to retail and eventually the switch would lead to over 60 million pounds in sales. Although the friends were having financial success, they found that whenever they tried to expand monetary issues kept them from growing at the rate they would like.

This caused them to reach out to Alejandro Betancourt for financial success. He had already been successful with O’Hara Financial, so the friends trusted Alejandro Betancourt to handle their finances. The move turned out to be a good one. One of the ways that Betancourt transformed the company was by seeing the value of social media marketing before many other competitors.

Instead of pouring money into traditional expensive forms of marketing the company pioneered the successful use of influencer marketing on social media. Betancourt also pushed for more transparency in the customer service department in order to foster more brand positivity.

Along these lines, Betancourt Lopez also pushed for a new line of environmentally-friendly sunglasses to appeal to the sensibilities of Hawkers’ young demographic. Betancourt is now currently the president of the company. There is much that struggling young entrepreneurs can learn from Betancourt’s example. Getting the right investor with the right big-picture perspective can be game-changing for a startup to get a leg up on their competitors and reach millions of dollars in sales.

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