Richard Liu: Founder And CEO Of

Richard Liu Qiangdong is a prominent businessman in China. He founded, one of the largest e-commerce companies globally that have generated over $1 billion per year. In this blog post, we will discuss Richard’s story and how he could achieve so much success with his company!

Liu Qiangdong was born in 1973 to a low-income family in China. His grandparents were farmers, and his parents had no educational background. During the early 1990s, Richard completed his undergraduate degree at the People’s University of China. After that, he went on to get an EMBA degree from the Guanghua School of Management at Peking University. After graduating with his degrees, Richard Liu became a lecturer at the Beijing University of Post and Telecommunications.

After gaining some success with teaching, Richard Liu decided to shift his focus towards business. His first business endeavor was Jingdong Century Trade Company where he founded in 1998. The company mainly sold computer software and hardware products. This company grew into, which has evolved into an e-commerce company that includes online shopping, online marketing, and online payment services!

To date, Richard Liu’s net worth is $7 billion. However, he is probably most famous for his relationships rather than his business success. He married Zhang Zetian, who has crowned Miss Universe China in 2015. This made headlines all over the world since Zhang Zetian was 20-years younger than Richard Liu! A couple of years after their marriage, they divorced because of some rumored infidelity issues. It is unclear whether or not they are still together at this time. Despite his relationship history, Qiangdong’s net worth continues to increase every year.

To make the story even better, Richard Liu actually started working for Tencent Holdings, one of the largest internet conglomerates in China! To work at Tencent Holdings, you need to have experience and go through many challenging interview processes. See this page for additional information about Liu Qiangdong.


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