Month: October 2021

When A Billionaire Lives In Your Town: Robert Kraft

October 29, 2021

Robert Kraft, the New England Patriots owner, is one of the most successful businessmen in Massachusetts. His company, The Kraft Group, has over 20 different entities that generate billions of dollars in revenue each year. Robert Kraft was born and raised in Brookline, MA, and attended Columbia University, majoring in Business Administration. He then went…

Citizen App Is Keeping People Weather Aware

October 29, 2021

Now more than ever, people rely on apps for news, weather and sports. However, when it comes to keeping safe within our communities, we need something that gives us information quickly. Meet the Citizen App. The app provides users real-time alerts as well as 911 information. The goal is to keep users safe and aware…

Andrew Frame And What Makes A Successful Person

October 29, 2021

Andrew Frame is an entrepreneur who has been creating new ideas for startups beginning in his teenage years. He is currently CEO of Citizen. It is an app that is the first of its kind. It puts together 911 information with location. Its purpose is to keep people safe. The idea behind Citizen came to…


October 24, 2021

Simon Denyer is a British known for being a great journalist and author of many books. He is also known for writing very good articles. He is known to be a British reporter for the Washington Post. Earlier on, he used to work as bureau chief in the section of paper’s Asia in Beijing, China….


October 18, 2021

M Patrick Carroll is a renowned Atlanta-based real estate manager. Carroll is also a guru in property management, property acquisitions, and leadership in the United States and other parts of the globe. M Patrick Carroll made it clear to the public concerning his desire to expand his portfolio in August 2021. Carroll’s success is attributed…

Diversity Leads To The Establishment Of The Famous Tacos Al Pastor As Explained By Richard DeVaul

October 1, 2021

A perfect illustration of how people can come together for a greater achievement is Tacos al Pastor. This is one of the renowned restaurants in the united states mostly known for its master of cooking marinated pork, tacos. It has that been depicted that the street food marinates it pork with chilies, pineapple, and spices,…

Greg Blatt Goes from Vagabond Busboy to Top New York City CEO

October 1, 2021

People who graduate from college with a bachelor’s degree in English generally have to hustle after they join the “real world” if they want gainful employment. Some suggest that an important phrase all university English majors must learn is: “Do you want fries with that?” Well, Greg Blatt opted for a degree in English at…