How Miki Agrawal became a book author

When people decide to become book authors in various departments, they have to come up with exciting content for their audience. The texture and views of an author play a paramount role in the success of the book in the market. For people who have moved from one career to the other, it is easy to tell people about their professional growth and achievements. These authors are the most ideal people to offer business advice to newbies who want to grow.


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Miki Agrawal is a new book author, and she is already making major moves in the market. The businesswoman and serial entrepreneur have a lot of experience in various professions, and she has written several successful books. In her past life, Miki Agrawal has managed to start three very innovative businesses. When forming her businesses, Miki made sure that she was targeting some society taboo or convention. Her businesses have always disrupted various industries.

In one of the companies she launched years ago, Miki Agrawal had a lot of challenges to face. Many people were already making some mean comments about the concept of her work. Some pessimists in the market said that there would be very poor market acceptance in the market. Most people were waiting for disappointing sales from the business.

The business lady, however, failed to listen to all the bad news from the community. With her expertise, the courageous leader made her business successful, and she has maintained this success for a long time. These businesses are still very successful, shocking the people who had negative comments from the start. The journey to becoming a book author has not been very smooth for Miki. The talented serial entrepreneur got the idea of sharing her business expertise with other people for several years. The transition period, however, was tough. Miki has managed to inspire most of her readers with her excellent books.

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