Randal Nardone Makes the Right Decisions for Fortress Investment Group

America has always been considered to be the home of some of the leading professionals around the world. This nation has done well in all departments, something it attributes to the kind of investments it has made for years. The finance world has been full of activities in recent years. Companies have been founded in this section, and they have gone their way to make sure that the service they are delivering are nothing but the best. One of the companies that can never go unrecognized in this field is known as Fortress Investment Group. The company, founded more than twenty years ago, has been associated with only the best services. The institution could never have acquired these prestigious reviews in the tough market if it was not being handled by the right professionals. Having been founded by top executives in finance, the company directors were always present to make the right decisions whenever there was a crisis.

Apart from having great founders, the company realized that the professionals serving customers would have a special role to play in the company’s success at the end of the day. This is why they hired Randal Nardone to serve in the position of CEO in the year 2013. Although the company was doing well, the management decided to choose an individual who had legal expertise so that he could control the numerous operations which had crossed the borders and reached many customers in the global market. Because the position of CEO doesn’t come to anyone, Randal Nardone has been a very busy man in the recent years. Randal Nardone position in Fortress Investment Group has been forcing him to wake up early and even retire very late in the evening so that customers at Fortress Investment Group get excellent services. Randal Nardone is an executive who is very proud of where he has come from. Apart from having attained a law degree in leading law school in the US, the businessman has been wise when making his investments. This is why he has been mentioned by Forbes to be one of the wealthy people in the world.