QNET addresses why they are not a scam in route of 65% increase in profits

Despite accusations of QNET being a scam, an article from TechBullion describes the company has recently seen a 65% uptick in profit. Although many companies and firms lost business from the pandemic, QNET was able to do the opposite through their Africa-based sellers. When dealing with the QNET scam, the company affirms they are not a scam but merely give entrepreneurs an avenue to generate an income. One of the big reasons the company was able to do well throughout the pandemic was from the assets and resources already put into place. Self-employment became popular during the pandemic and beyond as many lost their jobs. In fact, direct selling has only continued to soar throughout the past couple of years. QNET allows entrepreneurs to make an income from sales and commissions at their own pace, which is what has made it such a grand opportunity during the plight of the pandemic. Representatives of the company have stated how direct selling does not require a physical store setup because they are an e-commerce company. They believe QNET was met with false accusations due to assumptions made of the company simply because they are a direct selling company. In reality, direct selling serves as a lucrative option for many due to the fact the work can be performed from anywhere and any time. E-commerce has even grown in Africa and allowed residents to make some money. The company sees direct selling as powerful due to how it has grown globally. They also believe more technology can help eliminate poverty. Direct selling serves as an attractive option for some due to the freedom that comes with the job and the no need for a middleman. Entrepreneurs involved in direct selling also do not need to worry about the supply or distribution of products, serving as yet another plus. As QNET celebrates their 23+ years of operation, they affirm that they are a credible direct seller and believe they have been unfairly targeted by online trolls. Qnet scam also states they are not a pyramid scheme company.

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