Miki Agrawal On Building a Successful Business Without Losing Creativity

Miki Agrawal, a New York-based entrepreneur and the founder of Tushy, talks about how a person in a business can build and maintain a creative edge in the entrepreneurial process and make sure the spark of creativity is not lost during this process. Agrawal understands that building a growing company is not a walk in the park and requires undistracted focus and consistency. An entrepreneur should develop product ideas to oversee production and operations.

Miki Agrawal states that a firm owner may get involved in different companies’ activities such as marketing, distribution, and financial operations during any given week. They may prioritize several demands to their time and management skills and may forget that they need that creativity and energy that contribute to the business growth.

For Miki Agrawal, having a creative mindset while tackling essential activities is essential in helping the company move forward. Miki Agrawal has a track record of having three thriving businesses driven by her strict value set. She shared that she constantly served as an inspiration to others who valued her during her entrepreneurial journey.


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Every Agrawal business venture has resulted from her distinctive overview with a clear picture of the innovation. Miki enjoys generating robust ideas and also finding ways to execute them. She has also realized that finding your passion is the most significant source of creative inspiration.

Back in 2006, when Miki Agrawal was developing a gluten-free pizza, she learned the importance of having the right members on your board. Young in her career, Miki did not hesitate to recruit people who showed great potential with these recruits and brought the much-needed skills to the table.

Agrawal has dedicated his thinking to checking for possible business distractions which have brought her into developing four “taboo” markets. For instance, when the market lacked innovation, she took it as an excellent opportunity to establish a new branch market with high development potential.