Dean Omar Represents the Voice of the People

Dean Omar Branham Shirley, LLP has recently helped a widow win five million dollars after filing a law suit on behalf of her late husband. The widow’s husband was diagnosed with mesothelioma in 2014 and eventually died due to complications in 2015. After taking some time to grieve, his wife filed a law suit with Dean Omar in 2015. Dean Omar took the case to the Anderson County jury in South Carolina. 

The jury ruled in favor of Dean Omar and awarded the widow five million dollars. They found that Fisher Controls International LLC was held liable for breaching warranties on their products. The essentially made products that contained asbestos, which caused mesothelioma in a Duke Energy employee. 

The jury found Fisher Control liable for damages and cleared a couple other companies of all liability. Dean Omar did an incredible job standing up for ordinary Americans and helping them get what they deserved. They took a stand against large corporations and helped a widow find the payment that she deserved. Her husband was unaware of any risks while working and did not notice any health complications until it was too late.

Too often, these large corporations only think about profits in the short term and do not think about how it will affect some of their most loyal and hard working workers down the road. This case will surely be referenced in other cases in the future. Dean Omar continues to help ordinary Americans and will continue to in the future.