Why Jason Hughes Has Become One of The Best Lawyers

It is a widely known phenomenon that the tenant is the real deal in a commercial property transaction. However, often the rights of the tenants are favored less than the landlords, although they cough up a lot of money to pay for rent and lease. Jason Hughes built his business with the mission to safeguard the rights of tenants against that of the landlords. Hughes Marino has been managed for over 20 years by Jason Hughes and his wife Shay Hughes. 


The company is based in San Diego and has transactions in cities like California. Jason has built his company to be the highest-rated tenant and buyer representation in San Diego.


Strategies that Jason Hughes uses


As Hughes Marino’s leader, Jason Hughes has enforced several strategies responsible for its success. He first ensures that company profits are reutilized to make the company better. This is through ensuring the best-skilled staff are hired, as well as investing inefficient technology. Also, hiring new staff is mainly out of the basis of whether the employee will steer the company to greater heights. 


Led by Jason Hughes, the Hughes Marino firm has also placed focus on serving the tenants rather than being both a tenant and landlord representative. This has assisted in ensuring it creates business and trains its staff with one goal in mind (Loopnet).


Hughes Marino’s Business Record

As the leader of Hughes Marino, Jason Hughes has led his company through millions of transactions of both lease and purchase agreements. His company has been involved in the negotiation of high-value leases that have involved expansion and contraction negotiations of hotel and office purchases. The company has also been part of the largest record of tenant lease transactions in Carmel Valley and the UTC area for over twenty-five years. Jason Hughes’s experience as an expert in the commercial property field has been instrumental in him appearing in various business publications as an expert. His company has also been ranked as the best workplace in the nation.