The Career and Professional Accomplishments of Don Manifold

Don Manifold is Adelaide favorable divestment, mergers, valuations and acquisitions advisor. He is the founder and owner of Don Manifold Advisory Partners and a joint Managing Director at Equity and Advisory. The Manifold Advisory Firm help various managements and boards, teams to evaluate and execute on strategy.

Career Background

For the last 15 years that Don has been working as a Transaction advisor, he has served in the greatest leadership roles in the world. Don is a graduate of the Australian School of Management with a Bachelor of Economics (MBA). This school is one of the top-rated business schools in the world.

He has advised on over 30 divestments, mergers, and acquisitions in his career life. He has also prepared over 50 independent expert reports with a value of approximately $25 billion. Surrounding himself with highly talented professionals has made him gain experience in different positions in the transaction advisory field.

Don Manifold spent ten years of his career life in Sydney, London and Melbourne. That was before he made a return to Adelaide in the year 2016. He advised on a wide range of local and international transactions during this period.

Professional Accomplishments

Manifold Firm has a strong team of partners that assist him in offering advice to private companies, and they also chair regular advisory board meetings.

Don established the Manifold Advisory Partners in 2018. Since 2018 to date, he has worked for a lot of industries. That includes information technology firms, Manufacturing companies, the agriculture sector, retail and financial services.
Don is widely recognized because he led the South Australian and Northern Territory offices of EY until 2018. He also led the famous S. Kidman and Co Ltd for its shareholder’s divestments in 2016.

Final Word

Aggressiveness, customer satisfaction, powerful networking skills and effective communications are some of the very important attributes that have helped grow his career and remain productive. Lastly, Don Manifold remains among the best transaction advisors in the world.