Katelyn Berry and the Importance of Diversity In the Workplace

When it comes to people who have championed workplace diversity, no one has been more vocal than Katelyn Berry, the vice president of Michelin. She explains a few reasons why diversity in the workplace is important in this Medium article.

According to Katelyn Berry, diversity in the workplace creates a more productive and healthy work environment. People want to feel included and seen. This is evident at work and carries over into the home as more companies become more virtual.

People are more productive if they feel like they belong. It may sound simple, but research proves this is true. Even a one percent difference in racial diversity of upper and lower management creates an $861 increase yearly in productivity for each employee.

More diversity leads to better decisions and better results. This impacts a business’s profitability. According to Forbes, diverse and inclusive teams make decisions twice as fast with half as many meetings, and their decisions result in 60 percent better outcomes.

More diverse teams help gain insights into local markets or specific consumer goods segments. Investing in a diverse employee base can pay dividends if you want to expand your business.
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