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 JoggingBuddy Board welcomes Michael Capiraso as a new advisor and shareholder

July 24, 2021

JoggingBuddy is proud to welcome Michael Capiraso, former CEO of New York Road Runners and the organizer behind many successful events, including the famous NYC Marathon. Mike’s years in leadership will help JoggingBuddy reach new markets with its products. Michael Capiraso, a lawyer by trade, has been working with the JoggingBuddy board for over six…

Larry Baer Is A Good Example Of A Natural Leader

June 23, 2021

Have you ever asked yourself why some people pioneer growth in any organization or group they land on? Well, the story of Larry Baer, a San Francisco native, will give you a hint. Education is one aspect that can trigger growth. When you take jobs, you have broader knowledge about like Larry, you will have…